Human Resource Department

Welcome to the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) Human Resource Department. Here, we strive for excellent performance amongst our employees and endeavor towards restoring the institute’s dignity after a long and devastating civil conflict in Liberia by developing and implementing a robust personnel policy. The goal is to recruit qualified and highly competent staff primarily in the class room as well as in various Administrative posts to serve the needs of BWI. The department focuses on manpower needs and programs to develop the human infrastructure capacity. This is achievable through recruitment, training both locally and oversea, periodic staff performance evaluation to determine level of performances and above all, retain highly qualified and innovative staff with high performance rating during the year. The department ensures that a disciplined and professional environment is maintained throughout the scope of operations while gender equity is of high priority during recruitment process for effective and efficient operation of the institute.

Programs such as staff benefits issues, health and wellness, life and health insurance and retirement policy developed by BWI and that of the Social Security National pension scheme, are major focus areas at the Human Resource Department. At the moment, the department is not yet operating to full capacity because it is a newly established arm of Administration faced with numerous challenges. There are three qualified and experienced staff members in the department presently.


Our recruitment process is transparent and highly competitive. It takes the below form:

  1. Job Vacancies are published in widely read News Papers with date of submission of Application.
  2. Application letters are received, scrutinized and sent to the VPA for review/approval and short-listing of candidates by HR Staff.
  3. Interview date is announced via mobile phone/radio announcement
  4. During the process, two interviews are conducted (oral and written)
  5. Interviews are conducted by the employment committee of six (6) who appraise candidates individually with a score. The sources are averaged and the highest score stated and the results are forwarded to Administration for review.
  6. After the review, the candidate selected for the post is duly notified by HR Department

Address all application to BWI Human Resource Department

Kakata, Margibi County – Liberia